Territory of happiness

The project “Territory of Joy” focused on the adoption and guardianship (not related guardianship) of families with children aged 9 to 16 years. The time of residence of the child in the family doesn’t matter.

It’s often that parents, whose children have teenager’s crises, faced with the fact that teenager:

  • Refused to go to school, to learn something new;
  • Meets and keeps in touch with ‘problem’ companies who practice risky behavior;
  • Develops antisocial forms of behavior but not social ones;
  • Shows like ‘indifference’ to life, shows apathy to parent’s suggestions but he/she is very stubborn in realizing his/her desires.

A special situation, which adoptive families with teenagers experience, is too difficult to decide ‘alone’. Such family often needs professional support. Both children and parents tend to get non-judgmental support and relief to their family situation, return the family peace. In difficult cases it needs to avoid risk of giving a child up.
The aim of project is an assistance to adoptive parents and their teenagers to understand each other better, to solve their problems and conflict situation, to find effective ways to support a teenager on the way of his/her changes and maturity.

There is a program of of psychological and pedagogical support of parents and teenagers:

  • Training for teenagers;
  • Training for parents;
  • Individual psychological assistance;
  • Family consultations.

The project is led by professionals with experience from 10 to 20 years who are working with adoptive families and children with experience of living in an orphanage.

You can contact us by phone: +7911 828 40 93 Natalia Andreeva (project coordinator).