My tomorrow

Most of the pupils of orphanages confront with anxious thoughts about the future before leaving the familiar, not always taken but became plain surroundings of their orphanages. ‘Who will solve my problems when teachers, educators, social workers don’t help me?’
The fear of independent living is so high that many pupils can’t understand it straight away. Young people behave until the last day of stay in the orphanage like in their life important changes isn’t going to be. Some of them calm themselves that they can come back to the orphanage at any time to ask a question, to ask solving a problem, to eat, to sleep… Some fall into another extreme – “I’m going to get out of here and live happily! I will never come here again.”

Experience shows that both of them are not ready to independent living, and they aren’t ready even to think honestly about the life that everyone says “your own life”.

The project “My tomorrow” was based on an initiative offer of families, who lived in orphanages, attending the center. It aims to support teenagers and young people who still live in orphanages, and it’s realized in the framework of relations “equal to equal”.