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Parental center "Podsolnukh" (Sunflower)

The autonomous nonprofit organization of social services "The parental center "Podsolnukh" is the Russian socially oriented professional organization founded in 2007.

Founders of Parental Center "Podsolnukh" are psychologists and teachers with long-term experience in the help to family, children, teenagers and young people.

Activities of our center - prevention of social orphanhood.

  • We work with family where parents are the former graduates of orphan institutions.
    Quite often we observe that such families are in crisis of the child parental relations. Parents are lost in the course of education and care of the child because they at have no own positive children's experience. In our Center families can share the parental difficulties and progress, to get support from other parents and to ask for the professional help of psychologists and teachers.
  • We support the "replacing" parents who bring up the child at any form of the family device: guardianship, foster home, adoption. Our task is to help family to overcome vital crises and heartrending traumatic experience.
  • We interact with the senior pupils and graduates of orphan institutions.
  • As practice shows, in the majority young people after release feel in embarrassment, helplessly and can be in risk of criminalization, a depression and a suicide. Individual and group work are directed to support of children in the course of adaptation to independent life and integration into society.
  • We are interested in creation of uniform "professional community" and the best understanding of a perspective of orphan children and former graduates of orphanages.
    For this purpose we will organize training of experts of the social and educational sphere.
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