My tomorrow

My tomorrow

Summer Meeting

Did you notice how warm it got on the street? :)

This is because the participants of our "My Tomorrow" program spent spring and met summer!

The children themselves organized a meeting in the park, and having gathered all together, shared with each other thoughts, experiences and plans for the near future.
And then everyone was happy to get involved in moving and fun games. Thank you all for the company, the delicious and for choosing to spend this evening with us!

Meeting with the creator of the coffee shop

On May 11, participants of the program "My Tomorrow" visited the Coffee Shop "Favorite."

"Favorite" is not just a wonderful place with delicious pastries and coffee, it is a project designed to help graduates of orphanages with employment.

We thank the organizers for the treats and for the excellent opportunity to learn what "business from the inside" is, to listen to the stories of the mentor and to remember once again that "there is a way out of any situation"!

Seminar on Financial Expertise

In April, the Parent Center "Sunflower" was visited by our partners from the Raul Charitable Foundation and the Employment Center Work-i.

The guests held a business game with graduates and senior pupils of orphanages, which pass the support program in "Sunflower," the purpose of which is to form the foundations of competent financial behavior.
Thanks to the unusual format and interesting submission young people received information on how to properly manage finances, plan the budget, save effectively, as well as strive to earn money.
We were pleased that the children were aware of the risks of microloans and other fraudulent actions!

Participation in Job Fair for Orphans

On March 19, employees of the Parent Center "Sunflower" together with the partner of the Charity Foundation "RAUL" took part in the annual Job Fair "Professional Route for Orphans and Children without Parental Care."

On the site of "Sunflower" we introduced young men and girls to our program "My Tomorrow," aimed at supporting senior pupils and graduates of residential institutions of St. Petersburg within the framework of relations "equal - equal." Many children were interested, and some already ready to get involved in work.

Such events very much expand the opportunities of children and help to decide on the choice of profession, as the Fair presents real employers, with whom it is possible to pass the initial interview, all kinds of master classes are held, and it is possible to get help with drawing up a summary.
Thank you to the organizers and all the participants!

Round table "Problems of social adaptation of orphans"

On February 8 Elena Petrusenko, specialist of the Parental Center Sunflower, took part in the Round Table "Problems of social adaptation of orphans of older teens in the conditions of state stationary institutions of social services."

The meeting was attended by specialists working with children with experience of orphans. Colleagues shared experiences and raised important issues related to social adaptation.
It is important to note that the discussion took place directly with the participation of adolescents, who actively expressed their views on some issues.

We thank the colleagues of CSV No. 9 for the invitation, all together we are doing a big and important thing!

Visit to the exhibition Communal Paradise

On February 24, young people from the "My Tomorrow" program made a joint trip to the Mansion of Count Rumyantsev, one of the centers of cultural life of St. Petersburg.

The exhibition "Communal Paradise, or Close to Captivity" is located in the premises of the former communal apartment, which preserved the original layout. "Communalka" shows how the joint residence of strangers in the same apartment took place.
Children with great interest and curiosity considered household objects: cast iron irons, primuses, long-forgotten telephone sets transmitting the unique era of Leningrad.

Poetic meeting with students

Young people from the Mine Tomorrow program became active participants of a poetic meeting which was organized by students of Radio engineering college.

This time children not only listened to the verses and stories written by pupils of college but also revealed and shared the feelings and thoughts through verses of own composition. It was very warm and sincere meeting. Thanks to all participants!

Trip to Vyborg

New Year's Eve efforts did not prevent our small travel to Vyborg!

We visited the wonderful city with the Scandinavian atmosphere. we wandered about medieval small streets, visited Vyborg Castle which is nearly 800 years old, and the exhibition center "Hermitage Vyborg", tried tasty Armenian chebureks, and drove by train to "Swallow". Thanks to all participants!

As the cinema is created

At the end of November children from the "My Tomorrow" program visited the exhibition "As the cinema is created".
All participants derived unforgettable pleasure, opened several secrets of filming, for example, as it is possible to create sounds of hoofs or the rustling leaves and learned what interiors inspired many Russian directors.

Visit of Anna Akhmatova Museum

On November 3 children from the Mine Tomorrow group visited Anna Akhmatova Museum where the great poetess lived about thirty years.

This time young people became participants of an immersive exhibition "Hamlet. Attraction". The exhibition was for the first time devoted not to the play by Shakespeare, but internal state of the main character.

Each room is an interactive zone. All participants could pass on a labyrinth of doubts and fears, to experience the most various emotions and looked for answers to eternal questions. Emotions from visit of an exposition were very bright - children were very pleased and now share impressions on social networks.


"Social exercise machine"

Within the framework of the "My Tomorrow" program, graduates of boarding institutions undergo active social adaptation, attending various city events.

Children still experience illusions that someone will call them to rest, will make them an interesting offer, that is, are looking for an opportunity to get in the same conditions as in childhood. This is due to the fact that throughout their life in children 's homes their holidays, like everything else, were organized without their participation.

After graduation, young people often experience negative emotions from the inability to organize their leisure on their own, sincerely believing that holding interesting meetings and holidays requires unsustainable costs, both emotional and material. That is why their time is most often limited to alcohol party events.

Thanks to our program children learn with interest and benefit to spend time, free from buckling and fear, visiting different city grounds and events.

We are glad to note that many are already happy to be included in the preparation and organization of classes, meetings and excursions.

Attendance at city events

Within the framework of the program "My Tomorrow" children undergo active social adaptation, attending various city events. Many are already happy to be included in the preparation and organization of classes, meetings and excursions.

In 2018, in the context of the program, the most active teenagers were invited to take part in the march. Thus, a group of adult children (from 22 years old) who are on active escort for more than two years was formed. They live outside any institutions and earn their own. In March there were 10 people wishing to go camping, which is 2 times more than last year. In the march organizers carried out training thanks to which children studied team work, attentive attitude to each other, mutual understanding and inclusion in the process. The most important thing that the participants noted was that they were not afraid to talk about their difficulties and achievements.

"My Tomorrow" program continues active work

"My Tomorrow" program exists more than 3 years. From the beginning of academic year "My tomorrow" continues active work.

The main tasks of the program are a social development of pupils of orphanages. Work means group and individual meetings with the psychologist. In the Center safe conditions for development of the conscious attitude towards themselves and the behavior are created.

The number of pupils on maintenance is about 80 people, classes are regularly attended by 45 people, five children carry out individual work.

In September – May, 2018 Experts of the Center held 36 meetings in the Center, 48 meetings in the territory of other centers and lyceums. For it the period 346 social and pedagogical, 333 social and psychological services were rendered.