"Social exercise machine"

Within the framework of the "My Tomorrow" program, graduates of boarding institutions undergo active social adaptation, attending various city events.

Children still experience illusions that someone will call them to rest, will make them an interesting offer, that is, are looking for an opportunity to get in the same conditions as in childhood. This is due to the fact that throughout their life in children 's homes their holidays, like everything else, were organized without their participation.

After graduation, young people often experience negative emotions from the inability to organize their leisure on their own, sincerely believing that holding interesting meetings and holidays requires unsustainable costs, both emotional and material. That is why their time is most often limited to alcohol party events.

Thanks to our program children learn with interest and benefit to spend time, free from buckling and fear, visiting different city grounds and events.

We are glad to note that many are already happy to be included in the preparation and organization of classes, meetings and excursions.