World of My Child

World of My Child

The program "World of My Child" is created for the help to young people who in the childhood were separated from family, then were brought up in orphanage (a shelter, boarding school), and now, being an adult, became parents and cares for the children.

Possibly, as well as many other parents, you can experience various difficulties, for example, confusion when the child cries without the reason, does not want to eat or does not obey parents.

In our center you can share the parental problems and progress, to get support from other parents and to ask the professional help of psychologists and teachers.

Purposes of the World of My Child program:

  • Support of a parental role in the developing communication with the child
  • Receiving new positive experience of joint communication, game by all family
  • Improvement of an emotional condition of parents and children thanks to specially organized occupations.

The main areas of work which we offer families:

  • Joint occupations for children and parents where they can to learn to play with the child, to understand him and to feel joy together.
  • Groups for parents where the most different problems are discussed, for example from care and feeding of the child to questions how to love him and to be a good parent.
  • Family leisure: travel, excursions, children's holidays, any actions in which it is possible to get new experience - to learn interesting to spend time together with the child, to communicate and meet new friends.
  • Groups for children and parents.
  • The developing children's groups and game classes in the Terapley method (therapy by a game, a game without toys.
  • Psychological consultation of children and parents.

For active families we offer more profound programs: a family campaign and joint rest in the summer camp.

We organized in the Center special game and informative space for the child where experts help family to develop effectively process of social adaptation and education of the child.

Lavrenko Inna - Project coordinator
  • Lavrenko Inna
  • Project coordinator

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