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Лучший способ сделать детей хорошими – это сделать их счастливыми.


Януш Корчак

Детей нет, есть люди.

The staff of our center

There are five of permanent staff and an artist who helps us. All of us have experience from 5 to 15 years in the field of assistance to children and their parents. Our specialists are educators and psychologists who have higher education and experience from 5 to 15 years, they possess professional competence confirmed by international certificates too. The specialists participated in Russian and international project of psycho-social support and rehabilitation of families with children in difficult life situation. They also took part in the psycho therapeutic programs to work with post-traumatic stress disorder, in the development programs and programs of psychotherapy of attachment, innovative processes in the field of substitute care and upbringing of orphans.

Our staff conducts programs and projects, but we also invite other specialists with the necessary competencies in this field to realize the programs and projects. We work with associates who are familiar with the principles of our work and show their interest in our children.

Our achievements

What we do

 We work over ten years in the subject of prevention of child orphan-hood and we see the necessity to provide adults who was separated with their blood families in childhood, who was deprived warmth and care of their parents, who hadn’t the opportunity to be heard. Their experience can help other people in the similar situation to go through loss, to overcome life crises, to recover and return to normal life in society.

People who didn’t live in their families often feel different and have difficulties in everyday life. It’s hard to them to communicate with other people, with their adoptive parents, with their children, with themselves. They are trying to move away from the script of their blood families’ lives , but, however, when they lost support they have difficulties again. Why? It happens because their lives are full of adaptation and survival experience in all conditions of chronic stress – child care center, orphan asylum, orphanage, adoptive parents… But how can they live in a different world – in the world full of traditions and trust? They don’t have any idea about it. It’s true that it is very difficult for them to trust the world, people, their adoptive parent, their wives and husbands, their children. “We are strong, we will survive, we go through problems, and it’s going to be okay and it’s going to be even better in our lives than in home children’s” – that is their unchanging motto, it’s their usual “status quo.”
And back to war…

They don’t feel protection, they suffer, they can’t find excuses for their problems, they can’t explain their troubles, and therefore they don’t look for somebody to help. Society is often ignorant of the vital problems of these social groups. We are not indifferent to this group of people, and our professional and human experience combine to help them to overcome the difficulties. We are grateful to the people who have trusted us to speak on their behalf. The longstanding practical experience of individual and group work gave an invaluable contribution to our professional understanding of their particularities and specific needs. Our individual and group work is with families with children, where the parents are orphans, with families with adopted children, young people-orphans who are going to leave their orphanages or have already left. We have developed and successfully tested the programs of assistance and support for three years. Nowadays programs and projects of “Parent Center ‘Podsolnukh” have received the recommendations of national and international experts in the field of child mental health and socio-psychological support of families and are implemented on the territory of St. Petersburg.

Our programms

How to contact us

Contact information


The project “A child’s world”: +7 911 1449483.
The project “Territory of Happiness”: +7 911 8284093.
The project "My tomorrow": +7 911 8284189




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