Territory of joy

Territory of joy

Parental center "Podsolnukh" begins to work

Dear parents!
New year came and the Parental center "Podsolnukh" begins to work at full capacity.
Monitor the schedule in profile groups in VKontakte!

Meeting of participants "Open area"

On December 15 the meeting of families with children on the Open area took place. We spent this New Year's Eve evening in beautiful interiors of Loft23 studio.All participants prepared and received wishes by New year, executed the most unusual of tasks, and then all together became the active audience of a fantastic ice show. Thanks to all parents and children for openness, remarkable mood, warm words and wishes!

In more detail on our page in VKontakte.

The open area for teenagers 15.12

In the Territory of Joy program this year there began work the "OPEN AREA".
The open area is occupations for all foster homes which already cooperate from the Parental center (attends trainings, individual consultations) and which finished the three-year program.

The open area is parallel meetings for teenagers and their parents. Communication with peers plays an important role in social and intellectual development of the adopted child. Many children who grew up in orphanage seldom think of what is "relations" and "friendship". Most often, teenagers are forced to adapt to group, they are deprived of an opportunity to build relationship with other children as they wish.

The child in a foster home, gets unique experience of family communication and acquires the right to independently choose to himself friends not from family. However he still experiences difficulties in forming of the relations with others as he has no such skill.  The purpose of our occupations for teenagers - to create initiative, activity and independence in the course of communication with other people.  Children learn to practice communicative skills and in a safe and confidential situation to share difficulties and to find joint solutions.

The open area for teenagers started

New format of workshop "Open area" began to work in the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" in November, 2018.

These are educational meetings for foster homes which already cooperate from the Parental center (attends trainings, individual consultations), or finished the three-year program of support. Children shared the opening and achievements, and then answered a question: "Why we need such trainings?".

The answer children prepared the answer in an unusual format - independently created advertizing posts in our VK group. Participants also prepared photos and the text.
You can see results of creative process of team of boys and the team of girls on our page in VKontakte.

Needs My child the help?

"The territory of joy" - one of our programs for support of foster homes with teenage children. We offer the professional help and support to you and your adopted children on the way of adaptation, formation and strengthening of your relations.

Our center offers the help to families which faced with difficulties of teenage crisis:

- the child refuses to study, does not want to go to school, to learn something new,
- gets acquainted and maintains the relations with the "bad" company where the risky behavior practices (fights, violence and so on),
- gets the habits leading to self-damage (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
- masters asocial forms of behavior (disorderly conduct, scandals),
- he shows kind of "indifference" to life,
- he is not interested in yours to offers, but is very stubborn in realization of the desires.

Do you want to join us?

Dear friends! This information is for those who once participated or are only going to come to the aid-program to foster homes "The territory of joy".

Now we carry out the "OPEN interactive areas" every month in our Center. 

You can get support of experts and answers to important questions. Coordinator of the program is Natalya Andreyeva. Phone number: 8-911-828-40-93.

Psychological assistance to foster homes in Vyborg

In September, 2018 within the Territory of Joy program the new platform on support of foster homes in the city of Vyborg is open.

The platform works at the territory of the Vyborg resource center and Vyborg department of guardianship.

Foster parents also need support

Adoptive parents also need professional the help to care for the adopted children.

We offer the help at different stages a support of foster homes, even then, when they reached a crisis point and it becomes difficult to provide to parents the loving and safe atmosphere for the adopted children.

During 2016-2017 experts the Parental center "Podsolnukh" supported more than 50 foster homes with children from 7 to 15 years which did everything possible for the adopted children.

Сoaching for families in Pavlovsk

From June 13 to June 15, 2018 country exit coaching to Pavlovsk with families which pass the Territory of Joy program took place. The meeting was an important stage for participants who pass the program of support the third year.

Help to adoptive parents

If your adopted child has difficulties at school:-

- conflicts with schoolmates, with teachers

- poor progress, truancies, laziness

- it is difficult to carry out rules, to begin and finish business

- the child does not hear you, sharply reacts to your requests

If you met similar difficulties, or cannot understand and explain his behavior - you can get professional support and the help of psychologists.


Situation assessment and timely assistance

Children with serious behavioural and emotional requirements demand to themselves the attentive relation and also special knowledge of their features.

The team of experts "The parental center "Podsolnukh" can correctly assess situations, define a problem and give the correct support to your adopted child.


Помощь семьям с приемными детьми школьного возраста

С 1 сентября 2017 г. в рамках проекта «Территория радости» мы продолжаем оказывать помощь семьям с приемными детьми школьного возраста.
Своими впечатлениями поделились родители-участники детско-родительских тренингов 2016-2017 годов:

  • Для меня очень важно знать, что хоть один раз в месяц я встречусь с другими семьями и смогу свериться по тому, что у нас происходит с ребенком, чьто мы не одни. Это помогает мне не потерять ту тонкую нить в наших отношениях, которую мы обрели в ходе этих занятий.
  • Я не знаю, как это случилось за время этих занятий, но у меня сложилось ощущение, как будто это я сама до всего "дошла". У нас сильно изменились отношения с детьми, все незримым образом устроилось, мы стали более понятными и открытыми друг другу. Для меня это самое важное, что могло произойти!
  • У моего сына хорошо идут дела в школе и на дополнительных занятиях, и я понимаю, что в большей степени это связано с тем, что я перестала нагнетать обстановку.
  • Я вижу, как детям важно находиться вместе друг с другом, как они стремятся на эту встречу, как они могут вместе общаться и отдыхать.

Если вам нужна поддержка специалистов - присоединяйтесь! Координатор программы Наталья Андреева, +7 (911) 828 40 93

Грант Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества

С 1 сентября 2017 г. по 31 ноября 2018 г. АНО  «Родительский центр Подсолнух» реализует проект «Территория радости» с использованием гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества, предоставленного Фондом президентских грантов.
В рамках проекта предоставляется профессиональная ПОМОЩЬ СЕМЬЯМ С ПРИЕМНЫМИ ДЕТЬМИ ШКОЛЬНОГО ВОЗРАСТА.

Если вас заинтересовала эта информация, вы можете связаться с координатором проекта Натальей Андреевой, +7 (911) 828 40 93, e-mail: podsolnukh-spb@mail.ru