Participation in the project

Participation in the project "Constructor of social practices of non-profit organizations", 2019

On February 27-29, the Sunflower Parent Center became a partner platform in the interregional project Constructor of Social Practices of Non-Profit Organizations. Improving the quality of life of children in foster families. ”

An interregional team of specialists will develop a basic package of tools, the use of which will determine the risk of a child returning from a foster family in the early stages of working with her. The project reflects the current situation in the country in shaping the transition to a new way of working in providing assistance to foster families.

The "Constructor of social practices of non-profit organizations ..." is based on professional principles of the provision of preventive care, when a separate revealed fact of ill-being is an occasion to start a professional study of the family situation, for a joint understanding with foster parents of the nature of the difficulties encountered and optimal ways to restore the well-being of the family as a whole .

The main goal of the professional discussion is the well-being of children, which requires an effective system for the prevention of social orphanhood.