Territory of joy

Territory of joy

The Territory of Joy program - one of the areas of work of the Parental center "Podsolnukh". Our center offers the professional help to families with adopted children of school age on the way of adaptation and improvement of the relations.

In September, 2017 and 2018 the program received a grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society.

Qualification of specialists of the Center – more than 15 years of practical work on support of children, teenagers and their foster homes. We take comprehensive measures and we use specially developed by our Center the program.
We consider considerable experience of employees of "Sunflower" and actual information of modern scientific, medical and psychological research.

Adopted children are a special group of children which needs to pay more attention. It is connected with the fact that boys and girls who tested in the childhood various forms of psychological injuries (neglect, violence, loss of parents and тд) need the special professional help. Trauma leaves a deep mark and adopted children always need regular support successfully to overcome various difficulties. Many mistakenly believe that if the child already found family, then he automatically stops being "the child from orphanage". And if the parent loves the child, then all psychological features and difficulties disappear by itself. However practice shows that it not so.

The Territory of Joy program is a complex support of foster homes.

It includes a wide range of the social and psychology and pedagogical and also therapeutic help to the teenager. Thanks to such system work the child learns to understand better himself, begins to adapt to the features, finds ways to calm down, relax or concentrate, to study to regulate the mood and behavior in the company of adults and children.

We work not only with children teenagers, but also their adoptive parents as such families also need timely support and maintenance. Stability and health will allow parents to create necessary conditions for behavioural, sensual and emotional development of children. Versatile support of "The territory of joy" helps to create in families favorable conditions for self-realization of the child.

Foster homes with children aged from 7 up to 16 years can receive the special or preventive help.

You can address us if your child has difficulties:

  • behavior (vagrancy, lies, theft, abuse of toxic means, aggression or autoaggression)
  • adaptations at school and progress problems (hyperactivity, carelessness, infantility, poor progress, difficulties in communication with schoolmates)
  • in the relations with parents (trustees, adoptive parents) or other family members.

Or difficulties of teenage crisis:

  • gets the habits leading to self-damage (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • masters asocial forms of behavior (disorderly conduct, scandals)
  • shows kind of "indifference" to life, it is apathetic to your offers, but is very stubborn in realization of the desires.

The Territory of Joy program assumes long support.

In programs we offer the following help:

  • Psychological consultation. In a conversation with the professional you can receive timely psychological assistance.
  • Individual classes in the principle of Theraplay for parents and children. The Terapley method is a game without toys. The method is based on the theory of attachment and directed to forming of close trusting relationship of the parent and child.
  • Family consultation. Psychological consultation for family members.
  • Family interview. We invite to the first meeting all family that there was an opportunity to hear the point of view of all family members and to prepare more exact program of support.
  • Family conference. The family meeting regulated by experts is directed to the solution of some specific family problem or to adoption of the important family decision.
  • Network meeting. A meeting of people from the closest social circle of contacts of the child with possible participation of the child and experts or other persons (teachers, psychologists, etc.). The meeting is organized and conducted by the expert.
  • Child parental psychological trainings. The training is an interactive action where it is possible to develop, solve the difficulties, trying different roles and tactics of behavior. For gaining experience on a training specially organized exercises, games, discussions, creative tasks are used.
  • Summer psychological teenage exit training. More intensive form of work for children who together with parents attended psychological trainings of the parental center. The purpose of an exit training - creation of safe positive communicative environment for teenage children in interaction with peers and other adults.
  • Family campaign. An action in which both parents, and children participate. It is a possibility of creation of a unique form of family communication with support of experts. In a campaign of family participate in the short-term family training directed to strengthening of positive forms of interaction.

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