News Summer Meeting

Did you notice how warm it got on the street? :)

This is because the participants of our "My Tomorrow" program spent spring and met summer!

The children themselves organized a meeting in the park, and having gathered all together, shared with each other thoughts, experiences and plans for the near future.
And then everyone was happy to get involved in moving and fun games. Thank you all for the company, the delicious and for choosing to spend this evening with us!

Event at the Pushkin House

On the eve of the birthday of A.S. Pushkin’s families from the program “My Child’s World” made a cultural trip to the Pushkin House. The curator of the event was the artist and friend of the Parent Center Andrei Mayevsky. At first, adults and children got acquainted with the exposition of young artists dedicated to the great Russian poet, and joyfully recognized the plots from their favorite tales that were viewed in the paintings. And then they themselves painted different fairy-tale characters.

At the end of the meeting, cartoon and treats awaited everyone. See you soon!

Seminar “Evaluation of effectiveness, quality, work results”, 2019

On May 31, the seminar “Evaluation of effectiveness, quality, and work results” was held at the Sunflower Parent Center.
The seminar traditionally completes the training course for social professionals accompanying graduates of orphanages (LSPD).

Each year, the topic of performance evaluation is becoming increasingly relevant and relevant, as the issues of monitoring and evaluating the work of specialists are being raised more and more sharply in both state and non-state structures.
The event began with practical work in small groups, where specialists could describe how monitoring issues are in their organizations.
Then a business game was held, which allowed participants to experience the process of monitoring and evaluation from their own experience. After the game, many noted that now "they understand much more clearly the meaning of assessment procedures and their benefits for practical work."
At the end of the seminar, the facilitators examined a specific case from the practice of one of the participants in terms of monitoring the work done.

We thank colleagues for their inclusion and quality work!


Participation in the conference "Voice of the Child," Moscow, 2019

On May 27 and 28, 2019, specialists of the Parent Center "Sunflower" took part in the conference "Voice of the Child: Children as Experts of Experience" in Moscow. The conference was organized by the Charity Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, the Moscow State Psycho-Pedagogical University and the Charity Foundation "Culture of Childhood."

Specialists of the Parental Center shared with colleagues the results of the study "Access Point," in which participants of the programs of the Parental Center "Sunflower" were involved: senior pupils of orphanages, children and teenagers from foster families and families in which one or both parents are graduates of orphanages.

Specialists have reviewed and studied the various threats to the Internet that these children and adolescents may face, as well as precautions that can be followed by communicating on the Internet. It was also important to understand how parents and specialists can help teenagers in such situations.

This analysis provided an opportunity to see and gather relevant information with online threats to children and young people and to reassess the risk of Internet use by adolescents.

TM-RADIO: Live with psychologist Natalia Andreeva

On May 17, the psychologist of the Parental Center "Sunflower," coordinator of the program "Territory of Joy" Natalia Andreeva was visiting TM-radio - family radio of St. Petersburg.

Answering questions from radio listeners, Natalia told why foster children of adolescence are important professional support of a psychologist and that the whole family receives as a result of such assistance.

Meeting with the creator of the coffee shop

On May 11, participants of the program "My Tomorrow" visited the Coffee Shop "Favorite."

"Favorite" is not just a wonderful place with delicious pastries and coffee, it is a project designed to help graduates of orphanages with employment.

We thank the organizers for the treats and for the excellent opportunity to learn what "business from the inside" is, to listen to the stories of the mentor and to remember once again that "there is a way out of any situation"!

Live with psychologist of Parental Center "Sunflower" on Family Radio of St. Petersburg, 2019

Very soon, on May 17, our psychologist, coordinator of the program of support of replacement families "Territory of Joy" Natalia Andreeva, will perform live on "TM-radio - family radio of St. Petersburg."

We will talk about an IMPORTANT topic in society: foster families, children and adults from foster families, mutual assistance. If you have any questions - please join!

Creative workshop in the Union of Artists

On April 27, participants in the Sunflower program "The World of My Child" visited the Exhibition Center of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Adults and children watched the paintings of modern young artists, and also became the authors of one grand masterpiece! And this is wonderful, because co-creation helps children and parents to get to know each other better.
Parents did not hide the joy and pleasure of creativity, sincerely admired the process and the creations of their kids.

We are pleased that many took the opportunity not only to enjoy communication with the beautiful, but also to become part of it!

Seminar "Formation of adequate ideas about family and marriage ...", 2019

On April 26, the seminar “Forming adequate ideas about family and marriage and a positive image of the family in a person’s life, readiness to create their own family, and assisting in the formation of a responsible attitude to parenting, raising, educating and supporting their children” was held at the Sunflower Parent Center.

Behind a long formal title there were many lively and relevant issues:
- How to understand when a family of graduates of an orphanage needs help?
- How to see in a timely manner that the well-being of the child is at stake?
- What are the features of parenthood for graduates of orphanages?

At the seminar, specialists were able to better understand the characteristics and deficiencies of parents with orphaned experience, to work with the risk factor "well-being of the child in the family of graduates of orphanages."

Thanks to all participants for their involvement and active work!


Seminar on Financial Expertise

In April, the Parent Center "Sunflower" was visited by our partners from the Raul Charitable Foundation and the Employment Center Work-i.

The guests held a business game with graduates and senior pupils of orphanages, which pass the support program in "Sunflower," the purpose of which is to form the foundations of competent financial behavior.
Thanks to the unusual format and interesting submission young people received information on how to properly manage finances, plan the budget, save effectively, as well as strive to earn money.
We were pleased that the children were aware of the risks of microloans and other fraudulent actions!

Seminar "Methods of working with unmotivated foster families," 2019

On April 17 and 18, specialists of "Parent Center" Sunflower "in partnership with the Committee of General and Professional Education of Leningrad Region held the second seminar in St. Petersburg - from the practical training cycle of seminars for specialists of organizations for orphans.

The seminar was attended by specialists from 4 districts of Leningrad region: Vyborgsky, Vsevolozsky, Priozersky and Kirovsky.

At the seminar specialists got acquainted with two practical techniques useful in working with "unmotivated" families: "Working with resistance" and "Conducting motivational interview." The event presented not only the theoretical supply of material, but also the opportunity for each participant to take an active part in practical tasks.

The "Territory of Joy" program is implemented using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Seminar "Interaction of specialists in resolving graduate difficulties", 2019

On March 29, a seminar was held at the Sunflower Parent Center as part of a training program for specialists working in the field of accompanying children left without parental care.

The theme of the seminar: “Interaction of specialists in resolving the difficulties of a graduate of organizations for orphans and children left without parental care, on the way of its adaptation to the conditions of independent living”.

At the seminar, the risk factors of the graduate were analyzed at the time of the start of independent living. Participants also tested the scheme of work with risk factors.


Participation in Job Fair for Orphans

On March 19, employees of the Parent Center "Sunflower" together with the partner of the Charity Foundation "RAUL" took part in the annual Job Fair "Professional Route for Orphans and Children without Parental Care."

On the site of "Sunflower" we introduced young men and girls to our program "My Tomorrow," aimed at supporting senior pupils and graduates of residential institutions of St. Petersburg within the framework of relations "equal - equal." Many children were interested, and some already ready to get involved in work.

Such events very much expand the opportunities of children and help to decide on the choice of profession, as the Fair presents real employers, with whom it is possible to pass the initial interview, all kinds of master classes are held, and it is possible to get help with drawing up a summary.
Thank you to the organizers and all the participants!

Visit to the Museum of Music

On March 30, families from the program "my child's World" took part in a wonderful excursion to one of the most interesting sights of St. Petersburg, the Sheremetev Palace -Museum of music. Parents and children listened with admiration to the history of musical instruments, enthusiastically checked the sound of each of them and in the end created their own improvised musical group "Shurum-Burum".

Seminar "Working with the blood family of the foster child," 2019

On March 22, on the territory of the GIMC "Family" specialists of the "Parental Center" Sunflower" Natalia Andreeva and Elena Sukhorukova held a seminar" Work with the blood family of the foster child. Phases of Preventive Care. "
The seminar was attended by 26 practitioners: specialists in social work, social teachers, psychologists, specialists of guardianship, educators, etc.

The event addressed such important topics:
- The attitude of adoptive parents towards the blood history of the adoptive child as a possible risk factor for family disadaptation.
- Meetings with biological relatives - benefit or harm? What is important to consider by specialists.
- Stages and tasks of assistance to the foster child.

Specialists took an active interest in the topic.

The "Territory of Joy" program is implemented using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Excursion to the Russian Museum

In March, the participants of the program "World of my child" made a cultural outing in the Russian Museum to to learn more about folk decorative art.

Russian folk art: the architecture of the Russian village, costumes, toys and wooden sculptures were studied with great pleasure and attention by children and adults.

Seminar "Professional position of the specialist," 2019

On February 26 and 27, 2019, the first seminar took place in St. Petersburg - from the practical training cycle of seminars for specialists of Leningrad region.

The seminar was attended by 20 specialists from 4 districts of Leningrad region: Vyborgsky, Vsevolozsky, Priozersky and Kirovsky.

The topic of the seminar - "Professional position of the specialist and boundaries of interaction with clients" - touched upon issues relevant for participants to establish professional boundaries of relations, as well as life and professional settings. As part of the interactive tasks, the seminar participants were able to understand their values, understand and accept their competencies and deficits.

Thank you all for your inclusion and productivity! We wish colleagues successful work and wait in April!

Photos from the event are here.

The "Territory of Joy" program is implemented using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Participation in the project "Constructor of social practices of non-profit organizations", 2019

On February 27-29, the Sunflower Parent Center became a partner platform in the interregional project Constructor of Social Practices of Non-Profit Organizations. Improving the quality of life of children in foster families. ”

An interregional team of specialists will develop a basic package of tools, the use of which will determine the risk of a child returning from a foster family in the early stages of working with her. The project reflects the current situation in the country in shaping the transition to a new way of working in providing assistance to foster families.

The "Constructor of social practices of non-profit organizations ..." is based on professional principles of the provision of preventive care, when a separate revealed fact of ill-being is an occasion to start a professional study of the family situation, for a joint understanding with foster parents of the nature of the difficulties encountered and optimal ways to restore the well-being of the family as a whole .

The main goal of the professional discussion is the well-being of children, which requires an effective system for the prevention of social orphanhood.


Seminar “Prevention of orphanhood: preserving a family for a child”, 2019

On February 19-20, 2019, the director of the Sunflower Parent Center, Elena Sukhorukova, took part in the strategic seminar “Prevention of orphanhood: preserving a family for a child”, organized by the Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation, with which Sunflower has many years of professional relations.

70 Russian and international experts in the field of child protection discussed the key problems of the Russian system for the prevention of social orphanhood and suggested ways to solve them to make work more efficient.

The main goal of the professional discussion is the well-being of children, which requires an effective system for the prevention of social orphanhood.


Presentation of projects and programs of the Parental Center "Sunflower", 2019
On February 22, a working meeting of social and educational specialists took place, at which the coordinators of the Sunflower Parent Center programs - Elena Sukhorukova, Natalya Andreeva and Elena Petrusenko - shared their professional visions on the issues of young people, children and their families who receive help and support at the Center.

About 60 specialists - educators, teachers, and social work specialists from the regional Family and Children Assistance Centers - asked questions, discussed the possibilities of cooperation and the development of professional interaction.


Workshop on Social Case Management, 2019
February 22, 2019 at the Sunflower Parent Center, there was a seminar "Case Management" for professionals working with graduates of orphanages.
Particular attention was paid to methods of building contact and collecting diagnostic information.
It was also important for specialists to evaluate and understand how it works “in the field”, what is obtained and what is not, whether the main goal is preserved in the process of communication. The seminar ended with a “Question - Answer” block.
Thank you all for your participation and active work!


Workshop with experts who accompany graduates of orphanages 2019

On January 25 the meeting with the experts accompanying graduates of orphanages was organized in the territory of the Parental center "Podsolnukh".

The leading actions - psychologists of the center Elena Sukhorukova and Natalya Andreyeva.

It was practical works - analysis and discussion of specific cases with use of knowledge and abilities which are already gained at the previous seminars. Participants offered three real situations for which it is necessary professional "intervention". Each situation raised not only the professional questions, but also affected experts personally. Thus also the issue of professional borders and risk of professional burning out was handled.


Round table "Problems of social adaptation of orphans"

On February 8 Elena Petrusenko, specialist of the Parental Center Sunflower, took part in the Round Table "Problems of social adaptation of orphans of older teens in the conditions of state stationary institutions of social services."

The meeting was attended by specialists working with children with experience of orphans. Colleagues shared experiences and raised important issues related to social adaptation.
It is important to note that the discussion took place directly with the participation of adolescents, who actively expressed their views on some issues.

We thank the colleagues of CSV No. 9 for the invitation, all together we are doing a big and important thing!

Visit to the exhibition Communal Paradise

On February 24, young people from the "My Tomorrow" program made a joint trip to the Mansion of Count Rumyantsev, one of the centers of cultural life of St. Petersburg.

The exhibition "Communal Paradise, or Close to Captivity" is located in the premises of the former communal apartment, which preserved the original layout. "Communalka" shows how the joint residence of strangers in the same apartment took place.
Children with great interest and curiosity considered household objects: cast iron irons, primuses, long-forgotten telephone sets transmitting the unique era of Leningrad.

Territories of Joy" on ST. PETERSBURG TV channel

The coordinator of the program "Territory of Joy" Natalia Andreeva answered questions of the leaders and viewers in the program "Useful consultation" on the channel "St. Petersburg."

The video is available from the link.

The "Territory of Joy" program is implemented using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund.

Poetic meeting with students

Young people from the Mine Tomorrow program became active participants of a poetic meeting which was organized by students of Radio engineering college.

This time children not only listened to the verses and stories written by pupils of college but also revealed and shared the feelings and thoughts through verses of own composition. It was very warm and sincere meeting. Thanks to all participants!

Workshop from Marina Sedova in the Hat salon

In January mothers with children from our program "World of My Child" visited Hat salon and a workshop of the famous St. Petersburg hat master, member of the union of designers Marina Sedova.
In the creative atmosphere all participants made to themselves author's hats.

Parental center "Podsolnukh" begins to work

Dear parents!
New year came and the Parental center "Podsolnukh" begins to work at full capacity.
Monitor the schedule in profile groups in VKontakte!

Happy New Year!

Dear friends! Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
We wish you many Happiness, health, harmony and confidence in own forces! We thank you and we wait for you in New 2019!

Workshop "Value of psychology and pedagogical service", 2018

On December 21, specialists of the Parental center "Podsolnukh" held the Workshop  for experts. Action subject is: "The Value of psychology and pedagogical service in maintenance and rehabilitation of graduates of the organizations for orphan children and children without parental support".
The matter is that work of psychologists in the social sphere is not similar at all to consultation when the client comes to the psychologist himself and asks for professional help.

Clients of the social sphere are people in a difficult life situation, often are not motivated. The office of the psychologist frightens them.
So, in work of such experts quite often there are situations to which it is difficult to define the borders of interaction with the client.

What specifically my roles as expert in the social sphere?  How can I effectively interact with colleagues? These and other important issues were discussed at a Workshop.

Trip to Vyborg

New Year's Eve efforts did not prevent our small travel to Vyborg!

We visited the wonderful city with the Scandinavian atmosphere. we wandered about medieval small streets, visited Vyborg Castle which is nearly 800 years old, and the exhibition center "Hermitage Vyborg", tried tasty Armenian chebureks, and drove by train to "Swallow". Thanks to all participants!

Meeting of New year 2019

On December 22 participants of the World of My Child program amicably and cheerfully met the coming 2019.

Tried the Thai fried ice cream, beautiful and bright kids and adults congratulated each other on the coming holiday and were photographed for memory.

Then our company was visited by the real Father Frost (Santa Claus) who lit fires on a New Year tree, the round dance around a fir-tree moved, and later with pleasure looked at performances of Snow Maidens which were mothers of children. Children pleased Father Frost with New Year's verses and songs and received long-awaited presents.

Meeting of participants "Open area"

On December 15 the meeting of families with children on the Open area took place. We spent this New Year's Eve evening in beautiful interiors of Loft23 studio.All participants prepared and received wishes by New year, executed the most unusual of tasks, and then all together became the active audience of a fantastic ice show. Thanks to all parents and children for openness, remarkable mood, warm words and wishes!

In more detail on our page in VKontakte.

The open area for teenagers 15.12

In the Territory of Joy program this year there began work the "OPEN AREA".
The open area is occupations for all foster homes which already cooperate from the Parental center (attends trainings, individual consultations) and which finished the three-year program.

The open area is parallel meetings for teenagers and their parents. Communication with peers plays an important role in social and intellectual development of the adopted child. Many children who grew up in orphanage seldom think of what is "relations" and "friendship". Most often, teenagers are forced to adapt to group, they are deprived of an opportunity to build relationship with other children as they wish.

The child in a foster home, gets unique experience of family communication and acquires the right to independently choose to himself friends not from family. However he still experiences difficulties in forming of the relations with others as he has no such skill.  The purpose of our occupations for teenagers - to create initiative, activity and independence in the course of communication with other people.  Children learn to practice communicative skills and in a safe and confidential situation to share difficulties and to find joint solutions.

Workshop "Gender aspects of education", 2018

On December, 10 in the Center of assistance to family education No. 9 (Kolpino, SPb) the scientific workshop took place. Meeting subject was "Gender aspects of education of orphan children". Educational psychologists, doctors, heads of the organizations of the social sphere participated in a seminar.

Discussed problems in gender education of children of orphans at a meeting. Meaningful problems, interesting performances, hot discussions, practical works of specialists with orphan children - did not leave indifferent none of attendees.

The expert the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" Elena Petrusenko shared the practical experience in problem "Deviant and risky behavior. Features of age or a consequence of the injuring experience. Practice of the help to teenagers with risky behavior". We are grateful to all experts who share and are ready to continue to share reasonable, kind and necessary experience!

Forum "Sphere of Partnership", 2018

December 5-6, 2018 the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" participated in the annual Forum "Sphere of Partnership" organized by "The Family and Children" program of Charity foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko with support of Charity foundation "Kluch" (Key).

Elena Sukhorukova, the head of the Center, performed with a problam "Practice of house visit of families with children of early age where one or both parents - graduates of orphanage".

Workshop for experts in Tula region, 2018
On November 26-27 specialists of the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" organized a workshop for specialists in escort of families. The action took place in public institution "Social and rehabilitation center for teenagers" (Tula region). Workshops subject was "Technology of work with unmotivated clients".

Within two days about 20 specialists in social work and educational psychologists worked with difficult questions: Who such unmotivated client? On what he is not motivated? On what do we want to motivate him?

The problem caused an emotional response from participants and live discussions.
At the end of an action one of participants noticed: "Now I understood: unmotivated people are not. And to understand motivation of the client and to direct it - it is our professional task!".

We wish our colleagues success in the begun work!
As the cinema is created

At the end of November children from the "My Tomorrow" program visited the exhibition "As the cinema is created".
All participants derived unforgettable pleasure, opened several secrets of filming, for example, as it is possible to create sounds of hoofs or the rustling leaves and learned what interiors inspired many Russian directors.

Photo session with "Lepta"

At the end of November together with charitable shop "Lepta" we organized a New Year's Eve photoshoot.
Mummies and children from the "World of My Child" project could relax, try on different new images and dizzy dresses.

We thank our partners Lepta and a photographic studio of "Bird" for the remarkable project.

Workshop "Professional borders of interaction with the client", 2018
On November 30 in the territory of the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" the workshop for experts of the social sphere took place. 

Subject of a meeting was "Professional borders of interaction with the client – the graduate of orphanage. Problem of professional exhaustion of the expert".
The question of professional borders is one of the most relevant for experts of the social sphere. Because violation of professional and personal borders directly leads to effect of "exhaustion".

Experts discussed issues: How effectively to build working processes and to find internal and external resources.

Trainings and workshop in the Smolensk region, 2018

At the end of November experts "The parental center "Podsolnukh" held two trainings and workshops in Shatalovsky orphanage of the Smolensk region. 

Subjects of a meeting were: "Characteristics of target groups – blood guardianship and not blood foster home. Purposes and features of rendering help to them" and "Technology of work with unmotivated clients".  Thanks to this training it was succeeded to collect in one place of representatives of different departments and professions. Participants were united by one – all of them are important people in the help and understanding of features of adopted children: specialists in social work, social teachers, teachers, psychologists of orphanage, school psychologists and heads of institutions. Participants and the leading actions noted that it was experience of very intensive and very interesting work.


Workshop for young specialists of the helping professions, 2018
Experts of the Parental center "Podsolnukh" together with club "Yunost" organized a cycle of meetings for the beginning experts of the helping professions.

On a workshop on November 26, the practicing psychologist of the center Elena Petrusenko together with participants considered such questions:
- what stereotypes in the helping profession exist;
- how to find the stereotypes in the helping profession;
- how to react to a difficult life story of the client not to do much harm to him;
- how to estimate the condition and the resources, helping.

The open area for teenagers started

New format of workshop "Open area" began to work in the Parental Center "Podsolnukh" in November, 2018.

These are educational meetings for foster homes which already cooperate from the Parental center (attends trainings, individual consultations), or finished the three-year program of support. Children shared the opening and achievements, and then answered a question: "Why we need such trainings?".

The answer children prepared the answer in an unusual format - independently created advertizing posts in our VK group. Participants also prepared photos and the text.
You can see results of creative process of team of boys and the team of girls on our page in VKontakte.

Supervision for specialists of public institutions, 2018

Experts of the Parental center "Podsolnukh" carried out a supervision for the experts rendering services to foster homes in St. Petersburg.

Experts got support in analysis of professional actions in a case which, unfortunately, often meets in their practice.
It is work with the adopted child and his adoptive parents during refusal of education of the child. In this case discussed a situation of refusal of the adopted child. 

Surervision is important for experts not less, than the trainings, it shows our long-term professional experience and so our colleagues confirm.

We visited Zoological Museum

On November 17, 2018 families with children within "the World of My Child" program with great pleasure visited Zoological Museum. Collections of the museum it is incredibly rich and extensive. The exposition of a constant exhibition is represented by more than 30 thousand exhibits, here are presented all of Earth fauna.

It was interesting to learn more about the world surrounding us to both children, and adults.


Скайп-супервизия, 2018

13 ноября 2018 г. в Санкт-Петербурге состоялась двухчасовая скайп-супервизия для специалистов 9 организаций для детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей, Ленинградской области. Ноябрьская скайп-супервизия стала завершающей в обучающем цикле семинаров 2017-2018, организованных Автономной некоммерческой организацией «Родительский центр «Подсолнух».  

Скайп-супервизия является дистанционной формой профессиональной поддержки специалистов в формате "вопрос-ответ". Специалисты заранее сформулировали актуальные вопросы и типичные проблемные ситуации, с которыми они сталкиваются в своей работе. На супервизии были разобраны случаи из актуальной практики и пять важных вопросов, которые касались особенностей мотивации семьи на сотрудничество и получение помощи, особенностей предложения профессиональной помощи, вопросы профессиональных границ и риска эмоционального выгорания. 
Таким образом, специалисты смогли «соединить» практические навыки и теоритические знания, полученные на семинарах.

Visit of Anna Akhmatova Museum

On November 3 children from the Mine Tomorrow group visited Anna Akhmatova Museum where the great poetess lived about thirty years.

This time young people became participants of an immersive exhibition "Hamlet. Attraction". The exhibition was for the first time devoted not to the play by Shakespeare, but internal state of the main character.

Each room is an interactive zone. All participants could pass on a labyrinth of doubts and fears, to experience the most various emotions and looked for answers to eternal questions. Emotions from visit of an exposition were very bright - children were very pleased and now share impressions on social networks.


Needs My child the help?

"The territory of joy" - one of our programs for support of foster homes with teenage children. We offer the professional help and support to you and your adopted children on the way of adaptation, formation and strengthening of your relations.

Our center offers the help to families which faced with difficulties of teenage crisis:

- the child refuses to study, does not want to go to school, to learn something new,
- gets acquainted and maintains the relations with the "bad" company where the risky behavior practices (fights, violence and so on),
- gets the habits leading to self-damage (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
- masters asocial forms of behavior (disorderly conduct, scandals),
- he shows kind of "indifference" to life,
- he is not interested in yours to offers, but is very stubborn in realization of the desires.

Do you want to join us?

Dear friends! This information is for those who once participated or are only going to come to the aid-program to foster homes "The territory of joy".

Now we carry out the "OPEN interactive areas" every month in our Center. 

You can get support of experts and answers to important questions. Coordinator of the program is Natalya Andreyeva. Phone number: 8-911-828-40-93.

"Social exercise machine"

Within the framework of the "My Tomorrow" program, graduates of boarding institutions undergo active social adaptation, attending various city events.

Children still experience illusions that someone will call them to rest, will make them an interesting offer, that is, are looking for an opportunity to get in the same conditions as in childhood. This is due to the fact that throughout their life in children 's homes their holidays, like everything else, were organized without their participation.

After graduation, young people often experience negative emotions from the inability to organize their leisure on their own, sincerely believing that holding interesting meetings and holidays requires unsustainable costs, both emotional and material. That is why their time is most often limited to alcohol party events.

Thanks to our program children learn with interest and benefit to spend time, free from buckling and fear, visiting different city grounds and events.

We are glad to note that many are already happy to be included in the preparation and organization of classes, meetings and excursions.

Visit of National library, 2018

In October, 2018 families with children from the program "World of My Child" with great pleasure went to National library on the "Visa to Corn" exhibition. At an exhibition we learned a lot of interesting about modern plants, about development of agriculture in the different people and what cereals appeared on the earth the first.

Семинар "Работа с кровной семьей" 2018

09 ноября в Сантк-Петербурге состоялся семинар «Работа с кровной семьей. Этапы профилактической помощи» для специалистов, осуществляющих социальное обслуживание приемных и опекаемых семей.

Мероприятие было организовано и проведено сотрудниками АНО Родительский центр "Подсолнух" Андреевой Натальей и Сухоруковой Еленой.

Attendance at city events

Within the framework of the program "My Tomorrow" children undergo active social adaptation, attending various city events. Many are already happy to be included in the preparation and organization of classes, meetings and excursions.

In 2018, in the context of the program, the most active teenagers were invited to take part in the march. Thus, a group of adult children (from 22 years old) who are on active escort for more than two years was formed. They live outside any institutions and earn their own. In March there were 10 people wishing to go camping, which is 2 times more than last year. In the march organizers carried out training thanks to which children studied team work, attentive attitude to each other, mutual understanding and inclusion in the process. The most important thing that the participants noted was that they were not afraid to talk about their difficulties and achievements.

"My Tomorrow" program continues active work

"My Tomorrow" program exists more than 3 years. From the beginning of academic year "My tomorrow" continues active work.

The main tasks of the program are a social development of pupils of orphanages. Work means group and individual meetings with the psychologist. In the Center safe conditions for development of the conscious attitude towards themselves and the behavior are created.

The number of pupils on maintenance is about 80 people, classes are regularly attended by 45 people, five children carry out individual work.

In September – May, 2018 Experts of the Center held 36 meetings in the Center, 48 meetings in the territory of other centers and lyceums. For it the period 346 social and pedagogical, 333 social and psychological services were rendered.

Обучающий семинар по сопровождению приемных семей, 2018

29 и 30 октября 2018 г. в пос. Комарово был проведен третий, завершающий семинар из практического обучающего цикла семинаров для специалистов организаций Ленинградской области, осуществляющих деятельность по сопровождению семей, принявших на воспитание детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей, а также органов опеки и попечительства муниципальных образований Ленинградской области.

Тема семинара – «Особенности профессиональной работы с замещающей семьей в период установления, развития и завершения отношений».

Семинар был проведен в рамках реализации проекта «Территория радости» с использованием гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества, предоставленного Фондом президентских грантов. Организатором цикла семинаров выступила Автономная некоммерческая организация «Родительский центр «Подсолнух» в партнерстве с Комитетом общего и профессионального образования Ленинградской области.

В семинаре приняли участие специалисты из 12 районов Ленинградской области. В рамках интерактивных заданий специалисты смогли разобрать задачи каждого из этапов профессиональных отношений с семьей, увидеть возможные психологические «ловушки» на каждом этапе и проработать способы профессиональной профилактики таких ошибок.
Psychological assistance to foster homes in Vyborg

In September, 2018 within the Territory of Joy program the new platform on support of foster homes in the city of Vyborg is open.

The platform works at the territory of the Vyborg resource center and Vyborg department of guardianship.

Foster parents also need support

Adoptive parents also need professional the help to care for the adopted children.

We offer the help at different stages a support of foster homes, even then, when they reached a crisis point and it becomes difficult to provide to parents the loving and safe atmosphere for the adopted children.

During 2016-2017 experts the Parental center "Podsolnukh" supported more than 50 foster homes with children from 7 to 15 years which did everything possible for the adopted children.

Форум для специалистов в Уфе «Мегаполис. Территория детства» 2018
9-10 октября 2018 года в Уфе проходил форум для специалистов по вопросам защиты прав и интересов детей «Мегаполис. Территория детства» и мастер-школа по вопросам профилактики сиротства.

Форум традиционно собирает специалистов органов опеки и попечительства, работающих в сфере профилактики социального сиротства из субъектов Российской Федерации, а так же муниципальных образований Республики Башкортостан. В этом году форум стал инновационной площадкой обмена опытом работы регионов в этой сфере.

Специалист по социальной работе РЦ "Подсолнух" выступила с мастер-классом по направлению "Домашнее визитировние".

Visit of "The Future Is Near" exhibition

On September 30, 2017 families with children from "The World of my Child" programm attended "The Future Is Near" exhibition.

Thanks to this cultural action we looked at pictures, studied different art-objects, saw the city of the future in 3D through special glasses, looked at the models of the cities created by different authors, and also dreamed up and drew.

Excursion in St. Isaac's Cathedral

On September 22, 2018 families – participants of the "World of My Child" program made an excursion in St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Family camp - 2018

In August, 2018 families with children up to 7 years from the "World of My Child" program lived to the family camp.

Parents in these families are the former graduates of orphanages.

Сoaching for families in Pavlovsk

From June 13 to June 15, 2018 country exit coaching to Pavlovsk with families which pass the Territory of Joy program took place. The meeting was an important stage for participants who pass the program of support the third year.

Consultations with specialists in finance

In March, 2018 in the Parental center "Podsolnukh" there took place consultation with the financial expert.
All participants of the "World of My Child" program asked the expert questions about effective distribution of finance.

Visit of the museum Repina and museum of theatrical and musical art

In March and April, 2018 we organized 2 excursions for participants of the "World of My Child" program.

In March we visited the memorial estate "Penates" of the great artist Ilya Repin. The program included an excursion, children's creativity and walks at the Finnish Bay. For many children it was the first acquaintance to the museum and the artist.

Later, in April - with great pleasure we visited the St. Petersburg state museum of theatrical and musical art where looked with unique collection of the exhibits connected with the world music.

Visit to the Russian Museum

In January, 2018 participants of the "World of My Child" program visited opening of an exhibition of the wonderful theatrical artist, national artist Sevastyanov Ivan Vasilyevich.

And in February we were at an excursion to an exhibition of young artists in the children's center of the Russian Museum. Souvenirs which were created there by children, will long remind of winter St. Petersburg.

Семинар для специалистов, работающих с приемными семьями в Санкт-Петербурге - 2018

19-20 февраля 2018 года прошел семинар для специалистов, работающих с приемными семьями в г.Санкт-Петербург.

Цель проведения семинара — повышение уровня профессиональной подготовки и развития компетентностей специалистов органов управления в сфере образования и органов опеки и попечительства, руководителей организаций для детей-сирот и детей, оставшихся без попечения родителей.

Help to adoptive parents

If your adopted child has difficulties at school:-

- conflicts with schoolmates, with teachers

- poor progress, truancies, laziness

- it is difficult to carry out rules, to begin and finish business

- the child does not hear you, sharply reacts to your requests

If you met similar difficulties, or cannot understand and explain his behavior - you can get professional support and the help of psychologists.


New year in "Sunflower"

On December 25, 2017 in the Parental center "Podsolnukh" took place a traditional meeting of New year for all participants of the World of My Child program. This year parents prepared the amusing program, children presented musical and creative performances. The show program of "magician" with dry ice became a final point of evening.Children and adults were very happy!

Цикл семинаров и супервизий для специалистов, работающих с приемными семьями - 2017

В рамках проекта «Территория радости» с использованием гранта Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества, предоставленного Фондом президентских грантов, при информационной поддержке СПб ГБУ «Городского информационно-методического центра «Семья» и Комитета общего и профессионального образования Ленинградской области состоялся цикл семинаров и супервизий для специалистов Санкт-Петербурга и Ленинградской области, работающих с приемными семьями.

Cеминар-совещание для специалистов органов по опеке и попечительству - 2017

20 декабря 2017 года в Комитете по социальной политике Санкт-Петербурга состоялся семинар-совещании для специалистов органов по опеке и попечительству внутригородских муниципальных образований Санкт-Петербурга.

Координатор проекта Наталья Андреева выступила на мероприятии с темой «Помощь семьям с приемными детьми школьного возраста. Программа «Территория радости».

Cultural visits of Marble Palace and Hermitage

In October, 2017 families with children "The world of my child" went to an exhibition "Children of the country of Councils" which passed in Marble Palace, in November - made a cultural visit of Hermitage. The program included visit of expositions, viewing of the historical pictures "Revolution" and "Richness of fabrics" and also free creativity.

Семинар для сотрудников органов опеки и попечительства - 2017

15-16 ноября 2017 г. специалисты АНО «Родительский центр «Подсолнух» повели семинар для сотрудников органов опеки и попечительства, организаций для детей-сирот Ленинградской области, которые сопровождают семьи, взявшие под опеку или в приемные семьи детей-сирот. 

Situation assessment and timely assistance

Children with serious behavioural and emotional requirements demand to themselves the attentive relation and also special knowledge of their features.

The team of experts "The parental center "Podsolnukh" can correctly assess situations, define a problem and give the correct support to your adopted child.


Конференция «Приемная семья: достижения и перспективы развития - 2017»

Специалисты АНО «Родительский центр «Подсолнух» приняли активное участие в работе Межрегиональной конференции «Приемная семья: достижения и перспективы развития», которая состоялась 27-28 сентября 2017 года в Кингисеппском районе. Организаторы конференции - Комитет общего и профессионального образования Ленинградской области и благотворительный фонд «Ключ».
Велицкая Светлана и Петрусенко Елена, ведущие подростковых групп программы по поддержке приемных семей с детьми-подростками «Территория радости», провели мастер-класс «Как вовремя распознать, в чем нуждается мой «непривлекательный» подросток». 

Психолог, координатор проекта «Территория радости» по поддержке замещающих семей с подростками Андреева Наталья, отвечала на вопросы участников по теме «Родитель приемного подростка: не время оставаться один на один с трудностями».

Участие во Всероссийском форуме приемных семей – 2017

19-22 октября 2017 года специалисты АНО «Родительский центр «Подсолнух» приняли участие в работе Всероссийского форума приемных семей – 2017. Это мероприятие проводит ежегодно с 2013 года Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации при поддержке Заместителя Председателя Правительства Российской Федерации О.Ю. Голодец.

На мастер-классе «Как помогая подростку, не стать его врагом» координатор проекта «Территория радости», психолог Наталья Андреева познакомила приемных родителей с эффективными технологиями ненасильственного мотивирования, которые помогают родителям не стать «врагом» для их взрослеющего ребенка, а создают необходимую среду доверия и открытости для развития их взаимоотношений.

Assistance to families with school-age foster children

Since September 1, 2017, within the framework of the project "Territory of Joy," we continue to provide assistance to families with adopted children of school age.
Parents-participants of children-parents trainings of 2016-2017 shared their impressions:

  • It 's very important for me to know that at least once a month I will meet other families and be able to check on what we have going on with a child whose we are not alone. It helps me not to lose the fine thread in our relationship that we found during these classes.
  • I don 't know how it happened during these classes, but I got the feeling that it was me who "got to everything." We have changed our relationship with children a lot, everything has settled in an invisible way, we have become more clear and open to each other. For me, this is the most important thing that could happen!
  • My son is doing well in school and in extra classes, and I understand that this is more because I have stopped inflaming the situation.
    I see how important it is for children to be together with each other, how they aspire to this meeting, how they can communicate and rest together.

If you need specialist support, join us!

Program Coordinator Natalia Andreeva, 7 (911) 828 40 93

Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society

From September 1, 2017 to November 31, 2018 ANO "Parent Center Sunflower" implements the project "Territory of Joy" using the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Fund of Presidential Grants.
The project provides professional assistance to families with school-age foster children.

If you are interested in this information, you can contact the project coordinator Natalia Andreeva, +7 (911) 828 40 93, e-mail:

Конференция, посвященная вопросам вторичных отказов от детей в приемных семьях-2016

В 2016 году в Петербурге состоялась пресс-конференция, посвященная вопросам вторичных отказов от детей в приемных семьях, а также помощи семьям, где опекунами сирот являются пожилые родственники.

О трудностях, которые возникают при работе с молодыми мамами, выросшими в детском доме, рассказали директор и координатор родительского центра «Подсолнух» Елена Сухорукова и Наталья Андреева. По словам представителей общественных организаций, как правило, воспитанники детских домов мало приспособлены к ведению хозяйства, самостоятельности и тем более - воспитанию ребенка. Став мамами многие из молодых женщин, к сожалению, отдают ребенка в сиротское учреждение, при этом находясь в полной уверенности, что ему там будет лучше.