My tomorrow

My tomorrow

The "My Tomorrow" program is directed to support senior pupils and graduates of orphanages St. Petersburg at the time of their introduction in independent life.

The program helps young people:
  • To take the responsibility and to independently organize the life
  • To cope with various difficulties
  • To get acquainted and keep in touch with different people in different spheres
  • To facilitate process of adaptation to society.
  • To learn to make decisions, to plan and set the purposes

Most of pupils of orphanages before an exit from habitual conditions begin to be anxious about the future. "Who will solve my problems when tutors, teachers, the social teacher are not near?".
The fear of independent life at young people is so high that many even understand it not at once. Boys and girls to do not understand and do not represent what wait for them change.
Some calm themselves the fact that will be able to return at any time to orphanage where will receive the answer to the question, will solve a problem, to eat, spend the night.

As shows long-term experience, most of young people are not ready to independent accommodation and care of themselves. Moreover, none of them understand that it "my independent life" and what it consists of.

The "My tomorrow" program is directed to support in adaptation and integration to society of the senior pupils and graduates of residential care facilities of St. Petersburg within the relations "equal - equal".

Especially valuably and important the fact that the program was created thanks to an initiative of families of the graduates of orphanages visiting the "Podsolnukh Center".

If you feel that you need informal support and the help - write to us, we will surely answer all questions and we will meet. Children from the "My tomorrow" program can communicate on social network in вконтакте.

Duma Elena - Project coordinator
  • Duma Elena
  • Project coordinator

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